The final Grantsville general plan can be found by clicking the button below. The City appreciates everyone who participated!

Responses to the questions that have come up during this initiative have been added to the FAQ document (below).

Adopted General Plan

Adopted Plan Maps

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Grantsville recently updated the plan that will shape its future.

Grantsville’s general plan is a legally-required document that guides current and long-term growth, directs capital investments, and provides the rationale for local ordinances.

The State requires general plans to address issues such as land uses, housing, and transportation. The current plan was adopted almost eight years ago, and a lot has changed since then. The regional growth of Tooele County is expected to continue.

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Where is Grantsville today?

The purpose of this phase is to generate a shared understanding of what Grantsville is like today and how it got there. This is done by gathering and analyzing information from data sources such as the US Census as well as interviews with elected officials and city staff. Work on this phase will take place in January / February, 2019.

Where does Grantsville want to go?

The purpose of this phase is to start to form a vision of what Grantsville would like to become. This is done by gathering and analyzing public opinion from things like surveys, public open houses, and interviews with stakeholders. Work on this phase will take place in February / April, 2019.

How will it get there?

The purpose of this phase is to create strategies that Grantsville can follow to create its desired future. This plan will include recommendations for future investments and regulations that are based on the findings of the previous phases. This plan is then presented for public review, and the City will hold hearings to decide whether to formally adopt it. Work on this phase will take place in April / May, 2019.


The current situation in Grantsville is summarized below.

Community Assessment Report

A summary of Grantsville’s biggest issues are illustrated at this link.

Opportunities + Constraints

This map will be updated as plan ideas start to come together.

Interactive Map


  • Strong sense of rural character for community.
  • Most affordable housing within region.
  • Lower than average utility rates.
  • A higher than average percentage of white collar jobs, creating a base of individuals/families that have additional expendable income.


  • Lack of employment locally.
  • Main Street could represent the City better – lack of cohesive feel, place to gather.
  • Influx of people has led to a lack of civic pride from some long standing residents.
  • High water table on north end of town.
  • An average income that discourages adequate expansion of the residential base.


  • Convenient access to natural resources/recreational opportunities.
  • Available land and facilities for development opportunities.
  • Strong economic opportunities for diversified retail/commercial establishments.
  • The new Midvalley Highway and Deseret Peak provide opportunity for broadening the local economy.


  • Imbalanced tax base (too much residential, not enough commercial).
  • Truck traffic that passes through town.
  • There are 2,400 residential parcels that have been approved, but not developed.
  • A lack of an adequately trained workforce to support further development necessary to create a sustainable community.
  • As a bedroom community, local economy susceptible to regional economic conditions often outside of community control.


In January 2019, residents and business owners in Grantsville were asked to complete a survey and provide comments at an open house event. These comments will provide direction for the new general plan.

Community Survey #1 Results

Click on the icons below to see what people are saying about specific issues in Grantsville.

Community Survey #2 Results

The purpose of this survey was to see how well the draft plan reflected resident perspectives.

Development + Land Use



Parks + Recreation


Infrastructure + Services

Thank you for your participation!